A few words from members and supporters

Gemma has seen several of our shows.


"I really enjoy and look forward to the performances. The cast are extremely talented and always make me feel that I want to join them! Each performance is really a highlight of the year in Kington." 

Lee is a performing member.


"I have been in KADOS for 7 years now. In addition to the delight of singing and acting, I have found KADOS members to be warm, welcoming, kind, supportive, friendly and always willing to have fun. If you love to laugh, sing, act, enjoy yourself and feel valued, whatever your eccentricity, then KADOS is for you! "

Ann saw us in our pantomime Sleeping Beauty.


"I really enjoyed Sleeping Beauty – great music, dancing, jokes and a wonderful performance from the wicked fairy."

Rachael is a performing member.


"I joined KADOS in 2016 – and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! I was instantly made to

feel welcome, and there really is no better group of people I’d rather sing, act, dance and have such fun with!"

Frank is a performing member.


"I joined the society in 1982 as I was told that the society was performing Ruddigore at The Albert Hall – it was - in Llandrindod Wells. That sums up KADOS for me. It’s unexpected, it’s for everyone, and it’s always great fun!"

Violet is a performing member


"I think that being in KADOS gives you a good opportunity to perform, even if you haven’t had much experience. I like the way that everybody is given an equal chance to play a role. I always enjoy taking part in the pantos. (Joined in 2016)"

Julie saw our pantomime Sleeping Beauty.


"I really enjoyed the last performance, especially how the cast adapted up-to-date songs into their traditional pantomime. The cast are also very good at engaging with the audience" 

Richard saw us in our pantomime All at Sea.


“All at Sea was a marvellous romp through a hitherto unexplored region of Pantoland, an

entertaining story that displayed the multifarious talents of a crew of enthusiastic folk who never fail to please. I loved every moment of it.”