Kington Operatic local musical theatre in the Welsh marches

Kington and District Operatic Society welcomes you!

Thank you for visiting the Kington Operatic web site. Here you can find out all about our society, our performances and how you can join in.


If you have an interest in singing or musical theatre, then please explore our site and come and see us perform.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, community based group that is run by local people for the benefit and enjoyment of local people.


We believe that the Telly and the Internet have their place, but for excitement and spontaneity nothing beats live entertainment!

Event Venue Date Time
Summer Concert The Crown Inn, Dilwyn Saturday, June 2nd 7:30pm
Summer Concert The Burton Hotel, Kington Saturday, June 9th 7:30pm
G&S Concert St Michael's, Munslow Saturday, August 25th 7:30pm
The Pirates of Penzance Lady Hawkins Thursday, November 1st 7:30pm
The Pirates of Penzance Lady Hawkins Friday, November 2nd 7:30pm
The Pirates of Penzance Lady Hawkins Saturday, November 3rd 7:30pm