We perform a variety of different shows every year...


In the spring we put on a jolly family pantomime with several performances including a Saturday afternoon matinee.


It’s a great opportunity for young and old to take to the stage.


Here is a scene from All at Sea...

Summer Concerts

During the summer we present a number of concert evenings of popular music from Broadway and West End shows.


Everything from Oliver and My Fair Lady to Les Miserables and West Side Story.


Singing in Munslow...

Gilbert and Sullivan

In the autumn we give a traditional presentation of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas.


A dramatic moment from The Mikado...

Previous productions

2024 Jack and the Beanstalk

2023 Ruddigore

2023 Apache Story

2022 HMS Pinafore

2020 Treasure Island

2019 Patience

2019 Puss in Boots

2018 The Pirates of Penzance

2018 The Dragon's Egg

2017 Utopia Limited

2017 The Sleeping Beauty

2016 The Mikado

2016 All at Sea

2015 Iolanthe

2015 Dick Whittington

2014 The Gondoliers

2014 Aladdin

2013 HMS Pinafore

2013 Trial by Jury

2013 Robbie the Robot

2012 The Sorcerer

2012 Cinderella

2011 The Pirates of Penzance

2011 Snow White

2010 The Yeomen of the Guard

2010 Robinson Crusoe

2009 Ruddigore

2009 Jack and the Beanstalk

2008 The Mikado

2008 Dick Whittington


2007 Patience

2007 Aladdin

2006 Iolanthe

2006 Trial by Jury

2006 Cinderella

2005 Princess Ida

2005 Ali Baba

2004 The Gondoliers

2004 Robinson Crusoe

2003 The Sorcerer

2003 Snow White

2002 The Pirates of Penzance

2002 Jack and the Beanstalk

2001 The Mikado

2001 Dick Whittington

2000 HMS Pinafore

2000 Aladdin

1999 Ruddigore

1999 Trial by Jury

1999 Puss in Boots

1998 Iolanthe

1998 Cinderella

1997 Patience

1997 Jack and the Beanstalk

1996 The Yeomen of the Guard

1996 Robin Hood

1995 The Pirates of Penzance

1994 Merrie England

1994 Aladdin

1993 The Mikado


1992 Dick Whittington

1992 The Gondoliers

1990 Ruddigore

1989 The Pirates of Penzance

1988 Iolanthe

1987 HMS Pinafore

1987 Trial by Jury

1986 The Mikado

1985 Cinderella

1985 The Gondoliers

1984 Merrie England

1983 The Yeomen of the Guard

1982 Ruddigore

1981 Iolanthe

1980 The Mikado

1979 The Sorcerer

1978 The Pirates of Penzance

1978 Trial by Jury

1978 HMS Pinafore

1977 The Gondoliers

1976 Murder in Mercia

1975 Merrie England

1974 Die Fledermaus

1973 The Yeomen of the Guard

1972 The Maid of the Mountains

1971 The Merry Widow

1970 The Mikado

1969 The Gondoliers

1968 The Pirates of Penzance

1967 HMS Pinafore


The history of Kington and District Operatic Society


Jack and Marion Dawson were both “G&S” enthusiasts who, whilst living in Presteigne had founded a “G&S” Society in the town. When they arrived in Kington it was their great wish to introduce “G&S” into Kington society.


Marion was a member of Kington W.I. and Conductor/Director of the W.I. Ladies’ Choir. During 1967 she decided to make her wish come true. Her aim was to produce HMS Pinafore during the autumn of that year. The ladies’ chorus presented no problem – her choir members were much in favour of the idea. But, men were needed and Marion approached various of her musical male acquaintances – who were also “G&S” enthusiasts – with invitations – “not to be refused” – to a meeting. They came in some numbers!


In no time Marion had found her male chorus along with lady and gentlemen principals. Rehearsals were planned and late October was chosen as a suitable time for the production to be staged. Scores and scripts were ordered; work began amid great enthusiasm and enjoyment – under the expert direction of Marion and Lorna Hughes as joint Producers, and Patrick Shannon (Vicar of Kington) as Musical Director/Accompanist. By early October the stage was set!


It was a highly successful production. Audiences were large – the Company – and indeed the townspeople – had enjoyed the whole experience. And so, Kington Gilbert and Sullivan Society had been established with thoughts now being directed towards the 1968 production. The President was the Rev. J. C. Harding; Chairman – Dr J. R. Birkett and Harold Backhouse as Vice- Chairman.


The Pirates of Penzance was chosen to be the 1968 production. The choice was much approved by the members and rehearsals were to begin in the early summer. During 1968 it was decided to rename the Society – it would now be known as “Kington and District Operatic Society”. This would enable the Society to perform shows other than “G&S” operas – such as The Merry Widow (1971), Maid of the Mountains (1972), Die Fledermaus (1974) and Merrie England (1975) – and, of course, pantomimes – beginning with Cinderella (1985).


KADOS has enjoyed a highly successful record. After forty five years it is still in good heart; its productions are of a consistently high standard; it provides a great deal of enjoyment for both members and audiences and it continues to attract new members – vital for the future success of the Society.


The headline in the Mid- Wales Journal – after the 40th Anniversary celebrations read “40 years of quality theatre celebrated”. Quality indeed and under the skilful and watchful eye of the Chairman and the Society’s dynamic producer Lynne Owens, the “wind is set fair” for at least another 40 years!


John Morgans