February 2018



A family pantomime set in mediaeval times.


The townsfolk of Kington refuse to be downhearted despite a terrible curse. The Sheriff blames the local witches and tries to catch them and lock them up. But, the Sheriff has a dark secret. He has stolen the egg of Drogana the Dragon Queen, and it is she who has cursed Kington.


Mrs Vacuum, the Professor's cleaner, and Alotoflese, his cat, arrive from the future and are imprisoned in the Sheriff's dungeon. Grizelda, the chief witch, helps them escape and joins with them to try to thwart the Sheriff's evil plans.


Can the Professor travel back in time to rescue Mrs Vacuum and Alotoflese? Will the Sheriff get his comeuppance? Will young Matilda complete her list of woodland wildlife? Will Godfrey, the Deputy Sheriff, win the hand of Hildegard, the Apothecary's daughter? Will Drogana get her egg back? Join us to find out as we sing, dance and joke our way through an evening of family fun.